A Re-usable straw saga - The Story of Minimo

The upcoming plastic ban in India, if not the environmental impact, has created the need for alternatives to plastic straws. Reusable metal straws and glass straws, biodegradable paper straws are trickling into the market, slowly but surely.

Bars, restaurants go through hundreds of plastic one-time-use straws. Each person ends up using more than 1 straw for each drink they have. 5 trillion straws exist in the ocean already with 500 million being added every day. These are enough to form islands of trash in the ocean! Imagine a future where we identify by landmarks of trash! The stainless steel straws eliminate the need for those pesky plastics that we dump into the ocean.

Minimo is a brand that believes in mindful action towards a sustainable future. We believe it is about time we started thinking about the adverse effects of our actions. The same garbage we dispose of, we consume. The fish ingest pieces of plastic that remain in their body as residual carcinogenic chemicals, even after cooking. Imagine eating that!

We, at Minimo, decided to take one step towards action, for mankind. The enormous amounts of garbage generated have impacts that are always talked about but never imbibed enough. So we created a product that is not only environmentally conscious but is manufactured right here in India!

Talk about a product that can make us all proud, we say!


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