Top 5 Re-usable Straw Brands.

Everyday, we throw out over 500 million straws, made of plastic, piling on to the humongous plastic waste, present in the sea. All the chemicals from the non-biodegradable waste seep into the waters, contaminate the fish, and the plastic itself, consumed by sea creatures, which obviously clogs their insides, causing pain. Simply cutting down on straws alone would have a big impact on the environment. To tackle the issues related to this, many brands have released reusable straws, out of stainless steel, copper, glass, silicon, and even natural options, like bamboo shoots.

We are going to make this easier for you by listing the brands below, so you can choose the best option!

1. SipWell

They are your everyday use metal straws that are curved to fit your cup! Sipwell is currently available on Amazon and they ship to India as well.

Sipwell Reuse-able Straws


Minimo, A brand based in Chennai, offers stainless steel straws in straight and bent variations along with a brush to clean the inside of the straws. They are crafted to excellence with attention to details like the grip of the straw and the rounded edge to avoid the risk of injury. These straws are made of the highest grade of stainless steel (304 Stainless Steel) adding on to their promise of exceptional quality. All of this at the most affordable rate in the market. Minimo is disrupting the Reuse-able straws market. They are currently Available on Amazon, on their personal website. They ship overseas as well. Check them out -->

3. Alink

If you’re more into thicker beverages, then the extra-wide straws from Alink are perfect.

Alink Straws

4. Koffie

A better alternative to metal straws, are straws from Koffie, which are made out of soft silicone. They’re reusable, dishwasher safe, and can be cut to fit your favourite cup. What’s more? Once you’re ready to toss them out, just burn them. They turn to biodegradable ash.

Koffie Straws

5. Eco Trunk

If Bamboo straws fascinate you, this brand is your next stop!

Eco Trunk Straws


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